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Gotta Love How Those Klamath Birds Decoy On The Opener

The Upper Klamath opened with a bang! A huge Bang! With the Lower and Tule Refuges closed the upper end of the basin was packed. The Wood River Wetlands were assaulted by a plethora of bicycles and walk ins.

It will take a bit for the birds to settle down. The Delta was surrounded by boats and the reports of the shotguns revealed that. With that said there are a ton of birds, and if you are willing to do a little pioneering you will find relaxed fowl.

Hit the out of the way ponds, and the "long run" water for best results. Be careful, the delta is shallow! I saw several mud boats that were stuck, and one that almost spent the night in the marsh, so you better know what your doing. If you do there, there will be some good shooting.

A Great Opening Day Klamath Gadwall

Get out there, but be safe. Nate

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